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Homemade is the New Organic

Meatloaf isn’t good enough anymore. How media raised the bar for home cooking.

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Earlier this summer, I attended the first-ever Platform summit, and I left feeling amazed.

Today’s post is a video of Kanyi Maqubela, one of my friends in the VC business, at Platform.

Kanyi is a venture partner at Collaborative Fund, and he’s become somewhat of a peer mentor to…


Lego calendar by Vitamins


A state judge today ruled to legalize same-sex marriage in New Jersey, saying gay couples would be denied federal benefits if the state kept allowing only civil unions.

Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson granted an emergency request by six gay couples, ordering state officials to begin officiating same-sex marriages on Oct. 21.

"Same-sex couples must be allowed to marry in order to obtain equal protection of the law under the New Jersey constitution," the judge wrote in a 53-page opinion.

This is surely going to be appealed, as these rulings always are, but marriage equality advocates are no doubt thrilled about this. It also puts Governor Chris Christie in a tough spot. How vocal will he be in opposing this decision? He previously vetoed a gay marriage bill; will he take any steps to fight marriage equality this time, knowing that doing so could hurt his chances in 2016? Or might opposing gay marriage actually help his chances in a Republican primary?


Bill Nye is just the greatest. On his Instagram (he has an account! swoon) yesterday:

In honor of today’s 20th anniversary of #TheScienceGuy show, here’s a bit of Nye Labs history. I like to call it “the rules of the road” and every person who worked on the show received a copy. After all these years the objective has never changed. Let’s #ChangeTheWorld people.

Related: how awesome is it that a space probe NASA sent into space 36 years ago just reached interstellar space, past our solar system? Wow.


Drone’s eye view of Burning Man 2013 (by ekai)


Gripping read on CNN about Akamai Technologies co-founder Danny Lewin, who found himself on the wrong plane (American Airlines Flight 11, which hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center) during the nadir of the dot-com bubble … something which seems almost modest in comparison to what happened on the way.

Nevertheless, things were particularly grim on September 10, 2001. [Fellow Akamai co-founder Tom Leighton] remembers a session stretching late into the evening in which the executives had to decide whom to lay off, including some friends and colleagues who had been with them almost since the beginning. The next morning Lewin had to fly from Boston to Los Angeles.

"He probably barely got an hour of sleep before getting on board the next morning," Leighton remembers.

Lewin was sitting in seat 9B. With his Israeli military training and understanding of Arabic, he may have figured out what was going on, perhaps even tried to stop it. According to flight attendants’ calls relayed to authorities on the ground, the first passenger to be killed was seated in 9B. He was stabbed to death.

He died at just 31, but he left behind a quiet, persistent legacy: Akamai’s technology was among the earliest efforts to speed up the Web, finding success because it managed to keep up large sites even during traffic surges. In other words, he was sort of a low-key hero of the internet, creating a foundational layer which allowed sites to stay online even as traffic was crippling.


Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres


Woody Allen Week
Small Time Crooks, 2000
Cinematography: Fei Zhao

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Disruptor: RentHackr is the name of this piece by Debra Borchardt for We’re thankful and thrilled for the coverage, which was distributed across a lot of outlets like USA Today (pictured above). 

Thanks to Debra for noticing and covering us, and thanks to Projective Space LES for the location! 

An all-new and dramatically improved RentHackr is almost here. 

Stay tuned…

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